Helping a Social Media Campaign Do More

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We helped the American Automobile Association achieve success through their social media campaign website, ensuring the experience was intuitive and engaging for users.

Project Summary


The AAA marketing campaign “Do More” was poised to engage new audiences with social media ads and a website experience aimed at educating prospects about the benefits of membership. The company was trying a novel approach and wanted us to derisk their designs.


Our primary goals were to ensure a smooth experience from social media ad to campaign website experience and from there, ensure lead generation felt appropriate given the campaign experience to help support customer lifestyles.


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We began by identifying the boundaries of their specific millennial audience and the facets of the campaign experience itself. We offered up different research methods to answer their questions and objectives and finally settled on conducting a usability study combined with content strategy activities.
We worked closely with the client to recruit a diverse range of participants that fit their campaign target audience. Since the campaign hinged upon social media ads, that influenced the recruiting criteria, skewing it toward regular social media users.

Design & Refine

Design & Refine
Our engagement focused heavily on the research aspects of the work and we conducted a series of one-on-one research sessions and showed them the campaign experience on mulitple platforms. Our work guided the design in ways that made the image-based experience light, easy to use and provided the right balance of instruction while allowing for organic exploration.
We conducted a user research study evaluating the web experience in terms of design, content and their effects on brand perception. We also focused on lead generation and how to design a transition that built upon the experience momentum.
We were able to focus on specific design elements and probe on how they were perceived, their ease of use and glean insights to drive the design forward in improving the experience.


We were able to help the client understand how the design was going to provide a successful experience and how their concerns about it being a novel design were addressed through targeted research and design refinements. In the end, they were pleased with the success of the campaign and achieve new levels of lead generation compared to their previous digital marketing efforts.