Making Medicine Intuitive For Healthcare Professionals

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We helped Allergan create an educational website for healthcare professionals to understand everything about their products including how to verify their authenticity and administer them to patients.

Project Summary


Allergan needed a way for a single website to educate healthcare professionals on everything related to their products, and be a source for in-clinic physicians to guide their treatment in realtime.


This project was a challenging opportunity to provide a website that could market products and be clinical tool for physicians when administering treatment to patients. This unique mandate for user tasks led us to dive deep into user context and ensure the website design supported all use cases.


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We began with a series of exploratory conversations around the needs of Allergan and its customers, medical professionals. We developed a thorough understanding of what users needed at each stage of their shopping and onboarding processes, eventually leading to in-clinic treatment. A solid information architecture and series of assumption personas along with key tasks allowed us to ground the design work that lay ahead.
We began by auditing source materials and led content strategy sessions where we determined what information was needed at every stage of the user journey.
Allergan HCP Site Content Audit

Design & Refine

Design & Refine
The design process was iterative and we kept it grounded in user personas, clinical contexts, and the needs of Allergan to have the platform scale over time. The process was methodical and the client always had transparency into what was being designed, why it existed and who it served. We moved from crafting a new information architecutre through responsive interaction designs.
A new information architecture served the various needs of users to get educated about the product, validate its authenticity, read relevant research and get trained on how to administer products in clinic. This sitemap expressed how the organizaional structure of the site would look along with ideas on how it could scale over time.
Allergan HCP Sitemap
The interface designs captured both desktop and mobile interfaces and included everything from how menus would function and be displayed to users on various devices.
Allergan HCP Site Mobile Menu
A series of wireframes illustrate the hierarchy of content, functionality and behaviors of the web site. This proved to be an invaluable roadmap for visual designers, engineers and content writers to bring the experience to life.
Allergan HCP Site WIreframe


While the Allergan Healthcare Professionals website is just one support channel, it exceeded client expectations in terms of its ability to educate and assist their customers. It remains the “go to” source for product information and in-clinic education.
Allergan HCP Website