Creative Experience Research Analysis

Blog 13

On our journey through the Creative Experience Research (CER) framework, we’ve covered setting creative experience goals (Part 1) and talked about research methods (Part 2) to unveil insights that meld creativity with usability. Now we highlight a third key aspect of CER: analysis. This is where data becomes insight and we create compelling narratives that […]

The Creative Experience Research Toolkit

Blog 12

The second phase of the Creative Experience Research (CER) process focuses on planning the research study. At this point, the team should already be aligned on their goals from each aspect of the user experience: engaging, believing, knowing, feeling, and doing (see part one for more). This planning phase begins by selecting the research methods […]

Creative Experience Research: Bridging Creativity & Usability (Part 1)

Blog 11

Agencies are propelled by bold creative ideas that push client work into new territories. These creative executions juggle essential aspects of an experience – brand affinity, storytelling, emotional engagement, and… they have to be logical, understandable, and usable. In essence, the experience needs to appeal to both the right and left sides of a person’s […]

The Producer’s Guide to Navigating Product Design Reviews

Blog 10

When a marketing client asks, “Can you take a look at our product?” naturally, you say yes. After all, your agency is known for its design capabilities and talent. Maybe your creative team has recently hired a designer well-versed in buttons, forms, and design systems. Besides, isn’t a product design review just another design review? […]

The UX Spark: Igniting a User-Centric Mindset for Digital Producers


Igniting the UX spark within your team is the first step towards creating successful user experiences for your customers. It’s essential to understand the fundamentals of user experience (UX) design, even if you don’t have a dedicated user experience designer on your production team. This quick start guide will provide you with essential questions and […]

Levels of UX Impact


When people talk about the impact that UX can make, they often bring up “design maturity”. This is meant to reflect the degree to which a company has embraced and infused design thinking into their organization. It’s a stand-in for gauging how they value design (and designers) and the potential impact it may have on […]

AI in UX Design: Custom Creations vs. Tailored Templates

Blog 7

The world of design is filled with a wide variety of client needs, driving the diverse ways UX is implemented. As AI becomes a buzzword for many clients, they are increasingly curious about how it can be leveraged in UX design. In this context, let’s explore the contrasting approaches of situations requiring fully custom designs […]

AI + Design Mastery

Blog 6

AI has entered the design chat(gpt). Not only are software companies scrambling to implement AI features into their products, but tools like ChatGPT, Bard, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and others are placing the power of AI in the hands of the masses. Entirely new products, such as Adobe Firefly, are emerging and essentially replacing stock photography […]

Bad Design: What good is it?

Blog 5

People usually viscerally want to distance themselves from bad design, condemn it, and put it in the rearview mirror without so much as waving goodbye. After all, we’re all charged with creating good design–even great design, right? But there are some merits to bad design. What’s good about bad design? First, it helps you question […]

Style + Substance: Using Research to Back up Your Design

Blog 4

Agency teams are not only accountable for making beautiful designs that satisfy the client’s laundry list of requirements, but they’re also on the hook for making sure those designs will perform well with their future customers and users. We are often brought into engagements with new agencies where some design work has been done but […]