Making Sense of Medicare

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We helped Blue Shield of California streamline their Medicare digital ecosystem consisting of four unique web sites by designing a single site experience, satisfying user needs and alleviating customer support costs.

Project Summary


Blue Shield of California was serving their Medicare shopping audiences with four individual web sites, catering to multiple audiences at various phases of their shopping journey. The company wanted to not only streamline the user experience with a single web site for ease of maintenance, but they wanted to alleviate the pain point of servicing customers with phone support since the web site content was oftentimes deemed too confusing to use.


We love bringing a sense of order to websites and ecosystems that have overgrown their initial designs. We had the opportunity to recreate the entire digital ecosystem for BSC’s Medicare audiences.


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Existing digital ecosystem consisting of multiple microsites cross-linking between one another.

Design & Refine

Design & Refine
Creating a unified site architecture serving multiple audiences.
The web site front door would serve up content matched to the audience’s priorities and information seeking needs.
Wireframes articulating how the web site would address not only user priorities, but business objectives (such as lead generation).


We delivered an intuitive, dynamic web experience that accommodated users aged 65+ as they researched, compared and learned about Medicare supplemental plans from Blue Shield of Caiifornia.
Blue Shield Medicare Website