AI in UX Design: Custom Creations vs. Tailored Templates

The world of design is filled with a wide variety of client needs, driving the diverse ways UX is implemented. As AI becomes a buzzword for many clients, they are increasingly curious about how it can be leveraged in UX design. In this context, let’s explore the contrasting approaches of situations requiring fully custom designs […]

AI + Design Mastery

AI has entered the design chat(gpt). Not only are software companies scrambling to implement AI features into their products, but tools like ChatGPT, Bard, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and others are placing the power of AI in the hands of the masses. Entirely new products, such as Adobe Firefly, are emerging and essentially replacing stock photography […]

Bad Design: What good is it?

People usually viscerally want to distance themselves from bad design, condemn it, and put it in the rearview mirror without so much as waving goodbye. After all, we’re all charged with creating good design–even great design, right? But there are some merits to bad design. What’s good about bad design? First, it helps you question […]

Are you thinking big enough about design thinking?

For a lot of traditional creatives (those typical pairings of art director and copywriter), design thinking translates into thinking about design–i.e., being smart about what they do. For a lot of new creatives–and, increasingly, for clients who have been at all involved in the digital space–design thinking means a lot more. It’s a philosophy, process, […]