Take your design to the next level with a design review

Our expert design review is right for you if you want to:

Ensure design success and reduce your risk

Identify design issues and get solutions quickly

Get an independent, experienced perspective

The Design Review

There’s nothing more painful than laboring over your designs only to find when you launch, you get nothing but complaints about it being hard to use or that your users can’t find what they are looking for.  Or worse, that web site that was supposed to help you sell thousands just gives you crickets.  Something is wrong with your design and you need to find out what it is.  

We offer the design review to identify what is successful and what issues exist that have a negative impact on your user experience. Anything we find will be grounded in established design principles and best practices.  So,  it is not about opinions, it’s about what works.

Because we are also designers, we will provide wireframes (sketches) illustrating how to solve any design issues we find.  So you end up with an expert’s understanding of the issue along with a blueprint of how to fix it and create that great user experience you are striving for.

Don’t worry if your visual aesthetic or subject-matter is unique.  Our knowledge of usability, design best practices and user behavior is based on thousands of hours of research and get to the heart of how to make your designs into a great user experience.

Example design review of a web site homepage highlighting a navigation issue and providing a design recommendation

Your design expert will cover:

  • Navigation
    This is the most important and difficult part of your design to get right.  It provides context, the ability to explore, and enables users to find what they need.

  • Information architecture 
    “IA” refers to the way your design is organized into pages and categories and content is revealed to users.

  • Visual design & hierarchy
    The colors of elements, images and videos that work together to guide your user’s eyes to what is important.

  • Language and labeling
    The way you phrase your words in headlines, titles, navigation links and buttons help users form expectations and stay on track.

  • Calls to action 
    The way you trigger the behaviors you want people to do whether it be a button to click, phone number to call, or something to experience.

What your design expert won't cover:

  • Aesthetics 
    Everybody has different taste and we will not comment on colors, styling of elements or other “look and feel” unless they may impact usability. 

  • Writing Style 
    You are unique and we will not comment on your style, tone nor voice.  We only comment if we find things to be unclear or confusing.

  • Programming or functionality errors
    We are not developers and will not review any technical issues or errors we encounter.

  • This is not a usability test (unless you want it to be)
    While we apply our extensive knowledge of usability design and experience with live users in all packages, only the “Research Validation” package includes a usability test (seeing how your design performs with live people).  

Our design experts helped PsPrint evaluate their online business card design tool.  We provided design recommendations, research validation and helped them implement the changes, resulting in a 67% increase in sales.

Small Design Review

Perfect for most projects
$ $550
  • 1-10 page web site / app
  • 24 hour turnaround (business days)
  • Wireframe design solutions
  • Final Report (PDF)
24 hours

Medium Design Review

Good for large projects
$ 1100
  • 1-20 page web site / app
  • 48 hour turnaround (business days)
  • Wireframe design solutions
  • Final Report (PDF)
  • Final Report Presentation

Design Review & Research Validation

Great for mission critical projects
$ 3300
  • 1-20 page web site / app
  • 1.5 week turnaround (business days)
  • Wireframe design solutions
  • Usability testing (6 users)
  • Final Report (PDF)
  • Final Report Presentation

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