Refining The Dropbox Experience

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We helped the cloud-based file sharing company to better understand what prospects were looking for and how they could do to convert more visitors into customers.

Project Summary


New prospects visiting to learn about the service weren’t converting as expected and the company wasn’t sure why. They tasked us with developing a better understanding of what people were looking for, how the website addressed those needs, and what could be done to improve the user experience.


With such as large SaaS already in operation, our challenge was to dive into existing data, uncover the knowledge gaps about users and provide actionable steps to improve their marketing site.


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We began by diving into analytics and the existing information architecture, creating a large poster-sized sitemap so everybody could understand and see the landscape of content and pathways users took to learn about their services.
We crafted a comprehensive sitemap of the existing information architecture, layering in key analytic data and critical pathways through the system.

Design & Refine

Design & Refine
We benchmarked the existing user experience and one area of focus was content strategy. Doing a content valuation activity, we were able to provide stakeholders with a clear overview of what site content was most valueable to their decision making process
The research we did alongwide a heuristic evaluation allowed us to dive deep into specific site content, nomenclature and features and provide rational and creative suggestions for improving the user experience.


We delivered Dropbox a clear understanding of what each of their personas came looking for when visiting their website, how the current site content was performing, and actionable steps to improve the design. Design recommendations immediately saw an improvement in the way users could navigate between pages, digest content, understand the offering and find an easy path to sign up for a free trial.