Refining Facebook Signal

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We helped Facebook evaluate and refine the user experience for their content curation platform, Facebook Signal.

Project Summary


Facebook’s content curation tool was technically sound but needed help becoming more user friendly and intuitive for a product launch that was weeks away.


This was an opportunity for us to virtually embed ourselves with the agile development team and immeidately dive into a series of highly collaborative design sessions. Since the platform functionality was being finalized, we focused on creating actionable designs that fit within the existing features and extended them enough to create a user experience evenly balanced for user success.


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Meeting on the Facebook campus, we knew quickly got up to speed on the technical aspects of their platform, the needs of their customers, and the gap between them. The most pressing need was a way to integrate design with a primarily engineering-only focused team. We understood their agile development style and business need to launch quickly so we came up with an integrated process for both teams to act as one.
We integrated the design process with the engineering team development cycle in order to make the work manageable while not slowing down the team’s velocity. We were quickly able to prioritize the work we had to do and come up with a plan that balanced efficiency with creativity.

Design & Refine

Design & Refine
By sketching and sharing ideas in realtime, we were able to understand what was and was not possible to create within the project timeframe. Pairing engineers with design allowed both parties to update their work quickly and synchronize the direction for new features.
We sketched a series of interaction sequences illustrating how the interface should behave. These illlustrations were paired with interactive prototypes that allowed stakeholders and marketing staff to use the interface and provide feedback for the design team.


Facebook Signal was launched with media partners who immediately took to the platform, allowing them to intuitively search multiple content platforms, curate content and export it for use in their media stories.