Hyundai Website Redesign

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We helped take Hyundai from the a bottom-ranked website to a top performing resource for automotive shoppers.

Project Summary


Hyundai’s website was outdated, lacked functionality and the perceived lack of quality matched their overall brand perception. They wanted us to reimagine their website experience from the ground up to match the company’s modern, high quality offerings.


The challenge was not only to design a great automotive website that conveyed information in a clear, intuitive way that was effective for the auto manufacturer. It was to also overturn negative brand perception. The strategy was to be “disarmingly honest” and we brought it to life through the website design.


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The client did not have a clear picture of who their customers were, apart from marketing demographics. We collaborated to pull together four distinct car buying personas based upon existing data and primary research. We also helped the client craft their first requirements document and put together a design process, schedule and method for delivering what we create to multiple parties who would handle development.
We walked the client through every deliverable and backed them up with explanations of how those designs were grounded in research. In this case, we correlated personas to various web site content pieces and features, illustrating differences in the user experience based on user behaviors
Hyundai Applying Personas
As part of our discovery process, we like to gather data and understand the scope of what we will be designing and how we can talk about it. In this ccase, we defined the underlying information architecture not only for content but search functionality

Design & Refine

Design & Refine
We underwent a series of design and research cycles, starting with information architecture and ending with high fidelity usability testing. Every time we went through a design cycle, it solidified what the team had learned and highlighted opportunities for the design to explore. The client loved the process because it made a new process palatable by being transparent and mandating their involvement throughout.
We crafted a new information architecture for the web site, integrating standard automotive information with novel features the category had not yet seen.
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We crafted wireframes detailed wireframes for the 60+ page website, outlining content, functionality, and site behaviors for all use cases.
We supported business stakeholders down to the wireframe level as we correlated aspects of the user experience to specific success metrics and business needs for the new web site.


JD Powers had ranked the Hyundai website in the Top 5 of automotive web sites when it was relaunched. Customers and dealerships used the website to support their research and sales process, providing an unprecedented degree of transparency and ease of use which shoppers were unaccustomed to finding. Hyundai’s website served as the new center of their digital ecosystem and marketing efforts.