Places to Sea Cruise Finder

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We made cruising more accessible to new audiences by replacing complex travel search with image swipe-voting ease.

Project Summary


For cruise newcomers, the task of finding the right cruise to take is daunting. Users have to fill out large forms requiring them to know industry lingo and preferences they have yet to develop. Princess Cruises needed a way to make finding a crusie “as easy as using Tinder”.


The challenge here was to shift the cruise search complexity from the user onto the platform, while still giving users a sense of control and influence on the results. The creative concept was to allow for users to swipe-vote on a series of images and provide them with recommended cruises.


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The process of discovery could more aptly be named the process of learning together as we were heading into new territory for the client. We organized hundreds of pieces of cruise information ranging from destinations, excursions, on-board amenities and correlated those with representative images of food, adventure, etc. along with types of vacationers.
We assembled and coded a wide range of cruise data. The data was correlated to images, vacationer types, and a way to characterize each cruise we would be recommending.

Design & Refine

Design & Refine
The design phase was very much about learning about this new space and testing the waters to see if this concept could even work. Engineers provided a test system where we could tweak the matching algorithm and test it with dozens of users to ensure the logic was sound.
To test the overall experience, we conducted moderated 1-on-1 usability test sessions. We provided interactive design prototypes and the insights helped us iterate the design and fine tune the experience.


The Places to Sea cruise finder exceeded client expectations in terms of getting new leads and sales from younger cruising market segments. They were amazed by the ability to blend easy Tinder-esque swipe-voting with cruise searching and it was the perfect onramp for cruising newcomers to discover new places.