How We Innovate

It Begins With Discovery

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We approach discovery differently.  You don’t come to us with a fully baked requirements document from the get-go, we create it together.  We collaborate to identify the boundaries of your project and its purpose.  Then we push against any constraints until we know what’s fair game and what’s off limits.  Once we know what we’re doing and why, that’s when your design innovation brief is ready for the team to start creating.


The Business Challenge

This is the reason why you’ve come to us in the first place.  Perhaps your product needs to regain relevance to your customers, maybe you’ve got a digital ecosystem that people are getting lost in, or potentially it’s time to launch a brand new product that shakes up the competition.   


The Solution Space

The Solution Space

It’s human nature to immediately want to solve a problem when we see it (2 + 16 = ).  We can’t help but solve it (18), right? The same goes for designing innovative solutions.  We have to work beyond design reflexes to unlock new territories worth exploring together.  


The Problem Space

The Problem Space

It does no good for a whiz-bang design agency to dream up some plans for your next big thing only to realize that it’s impossible given your resources or company culture.  We take a pragmatic approach to innovation and want to discover where those hard boundaries are so we can focus our energies on innovation that you can actually implement.  


Design Innovation Brief

This is no ordinary project brief.  It encapsulates all we’ve learned together along with some fresh ideas for us to explore.  This co-created document is part mission, part challenge, and gives the design team everything we need to run wild (in the right direction).

Design & Refine

Design & Refine

Design and research go hand in hand.  Doing one sets you up for the other, pushing you along the path toward finding a solution to your problem.  As we journey through this phase in the project, your disruptive ideas will take shape as solutions that work for you, your organization and your customers.




It’s not just about coming up with ideas.  It is about coming up with good ideas, crazy ideas, predictable ideas, and oh-my-gosh-could-that-work ideas.  Our goal? To create a shared pool of knowledge of what is possible that the team can drink from.


Solution Testing

A million dollar idea that is untested will never be worth anything.  To determine an idea’s value, we do research. We pick up our digital clipboards and pound the pavement to get insights from customers.  It’s all about testing hypotheses, learning from real people and distilling it all down to actionable insights.


Design & Test Cycle

Design Refinement

Design is how ideas are articulated into solutions that solve real problems.  It’s the stuff people can see, interact with and use to make their lives better.  Our designers create prototypes and artifacts that share your vision with others.

What We Deliver


Once we’ve achieved success with the design prototypes, you will have everything you need to start implementing your project innovation.  From a strategic standpoint, you’ll have the “What”, “How”, and “Why” behind all of the designs we provide. For your implementation team, you’ll have all of the deliverables and assets they’ll need to start putting it right into code and bringing it to life.  And from a partnership standpoint, we’re here to smooth any bumps that come up and make sure your vision becomes a reality.

Big and Small Innovations

We work on a wide range of innovations for clients.  Sometimes the changes are small, incremental improvements to existing designs.  Other times, clients need large shifts that disrupt industries and give organizations a competitive edge.

Innovation Circles

Derisking Design

Our approach to design increases the confidence you have that your design project will succeed while decreasing the risk that it will fail.  

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Deliverables & Activities


Information architecture

User flows

User journeys



Visual designs

Content strategy

User research


User experience maps

Competitive analysis

Usability testing

Card sorting

Content testing

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