Jacobs Website Redesign
Client: Jacobs
Industry: Engineering

Type of project: Website Redesign

Client Challenge: Jacobs faced the unique challenge of wanting to redesign their website in a way that defied conventional norms. Rather than relying on standard categories for information retrieval, they envisioned a user experience centered around continuous discovery, tailored to each visitor’s level of interest. This approach was particularly fitting for Jacobs, given their global involvement across various industries. The primary design goal was to develop a custom information architecture and content framework that not only facilitated this innovative user journey but also seamlessly integrated with their social media strategy. This integration aimed to support and amplify their content across social channels, creating a cohesive experience between social media and the website.

Step 1 - Jacobs

1. Strategic Blueprint

Our first step was to fully align with the client’s grand vision for the new website. They wanted a platform as flexible as it was expansive with a high degree of personalization so we anchored our strategy in personas. These snapshots of different audiences were pivotal in grounding various information architecture options that would cater to diverse user needs. By crafting comprehensive journey maps, we visualized the pathways users might take, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. Additionally, we constructed matrices to strategically align content and functionality, balancing creative freedom with the structured precision of systematic design. This approach allowed us to create a dynamic user experience that was both user-centric and reflective of Jacobs’ multifaceted global operations.

2. Creative Rigor

Diving into the heart of the project, we developed a novel conversation-led information architecture for Jacobs, emphasizing user-driven personalization. Our approach introduced a three-tier interest indicator, allowing users to delve into in-depth research, explore broader topics, or discover related content, thus creating a uniquely tailored experience. This strategic design decision not only enhanced individual user engagement but also aligned seamlessly with Jacobs’ objectives to connect visitors with their experts. By making teams and authorship transparent, the website became a dynamic conduit for meaningful expert-user interactions, resonating with Jacobs’ ethos of personalized expertise.

Step 2 - Jacobs
Step 3 - Jacobs

3. Navigating Success

The redesigned website for Jacobs was met with unanimous acclaim from both the creative team and the client, perfectly aligning with their brand and social media strategies. Its innovative architecture allowed users to navigate Jacobs’ extensive offerings easily, enhancing user engagement and exploration. More importantly, the site’s flexible information architecture provided a scalable foundation, accommodating continuous content and team growth while consistently reflecting Jacobs’ evolving priorities, ensuring a lasting, adaptable online presence.

4. Setting the Standard

For our client, this project has become a defining milestone, a touchstone against which all subsequent projects are measured. It stands out as a testament to our ability to transform an abstract, challenging creative vision into a concrete, functional reality. What made this project particularly noteworthy was our team’s capacity to not only grasp the vast, sometimes nebulous, creative ideas of the client but also to apply the disciplined rigor of system design. The result is a living, dynamic website that continues to grow and adapt each day, scaling seamlessly with Jacobs’ evolving needs and aspirations.

Step 4 - Jacobs

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