Client: Level Home
Industry: Health Care
Type of project: App redesign

Design Challenge: The task at hand was to take Level Home’s existing smart lock mobile app and enhance it by adding new features and extending the design library. We also needed to transition the design to a new platform, complete with a revamped component library. All of this had to be done while maintaining a user-friendly experience, despite the app’s complexity increasing significantly. And importantly, the whole project required smooth collaboration between Level Home’s various internal teams and external vendors.


The Catalys

1. The catalyst

We embarked on a collaborative partnership with Level Home, an innovative startup producing smart home locks, to expand their existing mobile app design. Our mission was to add new features, extend the design library, and transition to a new design application complete with a revamped component library. Our role was to serve as their primary design team, collaborating closely over several months.

2. Finding true north

Our collaboration began with a deep dive into Level Home’s existing app designs, physical smart locks, and engineering specifications. Our user-centric approach led us to review the onboarding flows, identify areas that needed refinement, and propose design adjustments to simplify installation, configuration, and lock operation. We engaged in real-time ideation sessions with the client, refining the designs in response to feedback from their engineering team.

Finding true north
Revolution in action

3. Revolution in action

The Level Home smart lock universe became our playground as we tested all scenarios of installation, configuration, and usage in our lab. By leveraging our expertise in cognitive psychology and user experience design patterns, we assessed the user experience and identified and prioritized areas for refinement. Our strategy balanced simplicity with complexity – keeping the user experience straightforward even as app features tripled. One highlight was our geofencing configuration screen; a user-friendly interface that leveraged GPS sensors and allowed users to effortlessly adjust their lock area with a simple tap-and-drag action. Our approach prioritized efficiency, usability, and client collaboration, ensuring we delivered a product that was both user-centric and seamlessly integrated.

4. The ripple effect

As a result of our collaboration, Level Home’s app underwent a transformation. We refined the onboarding and educational flows, revamping illustrations, icons, and text descriptions to meet user needs. We restructured the app to accommodate growing features like access passes, permissions, sharing, and lock configurations. Our e-commerce integration enabled the promotion and purchase of new products and accessories, aligning Level Home with their launch strategy. To enhance collaboration among Level Home’s cross-functional teams and vendors, we migrated the design system from Sketch to Figma, creating a comprehensive style and component library. Our iterative approach ensured alignment between marketing, engineering, and user needs.

Ripple effect
The bottom line

5. The bottom line

Our sustained engagement with Level Home yielded a series of small victories. Our collaborative sessions consistently produced innovative solutions that went beyond initial expectations, addressing both the original problem and newly discovered nuances. As Level Home expanded, we continued to support their evolving goals, integrating partnerships with retailers, expanding app functionality, and ensuring compatibility with Google and Apple smart home hubs. Our journey was marked by continuous improvement and innovation, leading to a successful and impactful partnership.


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