Designing a Collaboration Platform

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We helped Promontory Brands craft their vision for a SaaS platform called Sky which fixes what is broken in the project briefing world and makes teams more successful.

Project Summary


The founders came to us with sketches, inspirational references and most of all, a powerful vision for how the project briefing process today is broken and how they could fix it. This leadership duo needed a creative and flexible design partner who could translate their ideas and tease out decades of subject matter expertise and infuse that into a modern, intuitive software platform that could help this startup break into an overcrowded marketplace.


The most pressing client need was for design strategy and a creative process through which they could filter a large pool of design ideas and settle on the key features creating the heart of the SaaS platform. Once we had agreement on direction, going through the details and producing realistic interactive prototypes was the easy part.


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The clients gave us great materials to sync our collective minds ranging from inspirational videos, feature lists, competitive analyses, interview notes and sketches describing their platform. We put it all in order with a series of discovery and brainstorming sessions.
We created a taxonomy and nomenclature which served as a foundation for the new platform. Many sticky note brainstorming sessions also allowed us to refine the featureset and product roadmap.

Design & Refine

Design & Refine
We crafted user flows for key tasks on the platform ranging from platform administrators creating new organizations and users to customers sharing projects and collaborating with cross-functional teams.
Creating high fidelity interactive prototypes of the system. Allowed for live inputting of user data, dynamic interactions and decisions, all to simulate a live platform.


After weeks of iterative design and validation sessions, we produced a platform design and roadmap which allowed Promontory Brands to gain traction with pilot customers, investors and build their SaaS platform.