The art of evaluating product designs

A producer’s playbook for dodging dangers, delighting clients and leading the way to wins.


“Could you take a look at our app and let us know what you think?”

The client ask is simple enough. But, we’ve seen multiple agencies take hits when they underestimated the task. Their problem? Applying their usual (aka traditional) design review process to a digital product.

Product design reviews require a nuanced understanding of users, business goals, and technical platforms. And, producing such a review requires more structure and collaboration than normal. Without that, your team’s traditional design review risks being seen as:

  • Superficial, focusing on aesthetics and missing core functionality

  • Biased, drawing upon your team’s gut feelings and ignoring the people who use the product

  • Incapable of doing complex design work that is core to the client’s business

The Art of Evaluating Product Designs

Introducing a playbook crafted for the forward-thinking agency producer. Equip yourself with insights, strategies, and best practices we’ve developed.

This playbook will help you to:

  • Decipher the “client ask” instead of guessing what they want and what’s “off limits”

  • Avoid common pitfalls such as fixating on visual design instead of architecture or flows

  • Create a plan your team needs and keep client alignment as a focal point

  • Companion emails designed to coach you through pivotal moments from getting your team on board to making wins repeatable

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