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Individually interesting; collectively focused

UX Design Company
UX Design Company

What we value

Owning the challenge

Engaging in a project means going all in to understand the goals, the constraints, and what we can do to make the project successful. We’re always noodling design problems and research insights to push projects toward their potential.

Testing constraints
We hate waste–and we suspect you do, too–so we will poke and prod on requirements and constraints to make sure we’re exploring the right creative space. Making sure we get things right ensures we don’t need to do them twice.

Meeting requirements with creativity

Successful user experiences don’t just check boxes; they add color and utility, filling the space with emotional and logical connections. We meet every ask with a creative response so the designs are always tailored, not templated.

Sparking creativity with research

In our dictionary, “research” is anything but a four-letter word. We thrive on doing the research to uncover opportunities others may miss and amplifying our design ideas so they make the biggest impact.

Real talk
We strive to remove friction from not only our designs, but the teamwork as well. We’re respectfully courageous when it comes to difficult decisions and team alignment.
Moving forward, sensibly
We like to move quickly, and teams that learn along the way move fastest. So we balance being thorough with being practical to move the team forward efficiently and confidently.

Moving forward together

“Designing for others requires empathy, and great design demands aligning your success with theirs.”

Agency UX was founded in 2014 by Kevin Jeong, a career-long innovator experienced in helping Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and startups tackle business challenges of the day with design. With a history of creating design practices and serving on multiple in-house innovation teams, Kevin saw the need to bridge the gap between design ideas and execution—which can be where teams either make the magic happen or get stuck in the status quo.

Kevin Jeong
Kevin Jeong
With over 25 years of experience on innovation teams and companies breaking the status quo, Kevin guides the team design practice.
Pooja Dang
Pooja Dang

Pooja brings a deep expertise in behavioral science, coaching, and organizational leadership that keeps our work grounded.

Nhi Hua
Nhi Hua

With an academic background in sociology and information science, Nhi is a veteran researcher savvy with bringing human insights to light.

Shereen Oehler
With over 20 years of experience as an experience designer, Shereen blends creativity with systems thinking.
Amie Bliman
Project Management + Operations

Whether it’s a project or operational function, Amie’s 20+ years of experience keeps everything running smoothly and clients happy.

Beth Crittenden
Beth Crittenden

In 2008, Beth was surprised by a career pivot from mind/body connection teacher to small business accounting. As a lifelong dancer, Beth woke up to the rhythm and beauty of numbers and the stories they tell.

Dan Fields
Dan Fields
Agency Sales

After attending advertising school and running digital production at an agency for years, Dan pivoted his career to helping agencies and companies grow by expanding their new business offerings and growing sales.

Scott Titcomb
Scott Titcomb
Client Sales

A Bay Area native with a long career in technology, Scott helps connect clients seeking design innovation with our team.

Michelle Davis


Michelle Davis, MBA has 10 years of experience in digital marketing and specializes in strategy and content creation. She’s passionate about lifting up brands using organic growth strategies.

Project spotlight

Blue Shield

Blue Shield of California

Health care  |  Web site redesign
How do you wrangle a digital ecosystem so it makes sense for customers? Blue Shield of California asked us to redefine the way they talk to Medicare consumers and provide the digital pathways they need to educate and convert people aging into supplemental health plans.
Information architecture