AAA Do More Web Site

The Challenge

“Do the designs work?” was what we heard when first approached about this research project. The client had fully fleshed designs and wanted to know if the designs were usable and if the content “worked” for AAA customers.


Our Approach

We began by defining what the experience was going to be once the “Do More” campaign launched. We then created a series of prototypes simulating the experience from Facebook ads driving to a microsite explaining the benefits of AAA membership.

We recruited against several user groups, collaborated with the client on creating discussion guides, physical and virtual test environments and debriefed daily. Our insights in near-realtime fed the design team as they adjusted the designs and we updated the tests to reflect new thinking.

We collected user quotes, video clips and metrics from the testing to tell the story of how their designs fared and where opportunities lay for improvement.

Deliverables: research plan, participant recruiting, discussion guides, user research moderation, debriefs & reports


The Result

In the end, we delivered research findings and a form “seal of approval” that really came from satisfied customers who, after interacting with the prototypes, said they were going to look into signing up for AAA membership on their own. That’s always the best endorsement we could ever receive.

The client received design feedback that resulted in very effective usability and a persuasive experience.