Allergan Health Care Professional Web Site

The Challenge

Designing for education of health care professionals was the task when we were asked to redesign a web site for Allergan. Their “HCP” site had been band-aided so many times it was difficult to comprehend and use, even from a designer’s perspective.


Our Approach

Any site redesign benefits from taking a step back and looking at what currently exists. Even though the team may be eager to “throw it away” and start fresh, the best prototype for a new design is the old one. So, we dug into analyzing the information architecture, content inventory, and functionality on the existing site. We correlated that with analytics data to highlight the few success stories.

Armed with this knowledge and shared insights about the task at hand, we worked with pharmaceutical subject matter experts to create a new information architeture for the site. This new structure would not only need to put every existing feature in its proper place, but would need to scale up in the coming weeks and months at the site grew. From there, we created wireframes, illustrating new ways to educate time-starved and interruption-prone HCPs wether they were using desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Deliverables: sitemap, user flows, wireframes


The Result

We delivered designs which helped physicians to understand how to use Allergan products.

The entire project team understood the logic behind every element in the design and how it was a blueprint which would lead them to a much improved and successful web site.