Blue Shield of California Marketing Web Site

The Challenge

Buying healthcare is a daunting task and that’s why we were asked to tackle redesigning Blue Shield of California’s Individual Family Plan (IFP) web site. Geared toward a broad audience, we had to design a site that explained the health care buying process, the differences between plans, and gently nudged people to take the next step toward purchase.


Our Approach

The mindset of the IFP shopper varies depending upon their background, experience with health care and even the time of year. We took all of that into consideration when designing a web site that allowed for education, exploration, comparative shopping and ultimately, conversion.

We understood that Open Enrollment was a key gating factor in determining the mindset of the user. We tapped into that commonality and utilized behavior design in nudging users to either explore at their own pace or quickly take action if the enrollment period was ending soon. The client appreciated our “two brained” approach to the designs that appealed to a user’s rational and emotional sides, both of which are used when making any decision.

Wireframes described each state of each page and housed more nudges for content strategy and design to follow. The mechanics of how the web site behaved and progressively revealed deeper details allowed it to work successfully for health care novices and seasoned shoppers alike.

This Open Enrollment module provides a behavioral nudge for users to take action with their health plans with a “countdown” timeline.

Deliverables: sitemap, wireframes


The Result

Not just a simple redesign, the new designs allowed the Blue Shield of California marketing team to have a vehicle to market differently and effectively throughout the year.