Dropbox Web Site

The Challenge

Find out what users want when they visit Dropbox.com and how the site can improve, based on user needs. It sounded simple, especially given Dropbox’s website was already performing well. But, they came to us knowing we could give them the insights to make it even better.


Our Approach

This was a UX Benchmarking project where we analyzed the existing website on three dimensions:

  1. Heuristic Analysis. We applied UX design best practices and insights from our familiarity with marketing and onboarding sites to see where this site could improve.
  2. Usability Testing. We segmented users into 8 different customer types and ran usability testing to see how their site design performed well and what opportunities existed for improvement.
  3. Content Evaluation. We knew cloud-based storage was something everybody “got” but did not necessarily understand well enough to distinguish Dropbox from its competitors. We analyzed each bit of content on the site and provided a heatmap of content that performed well, points of confusion and opportunities to explore in better detail.

This two-month long research engagement was conducted wholly on-site at Dropbox’s offices and our team led daily debriefs and tailored discussion guides based on a very savvy client’s evolving needs.

Deliverables: research planning, participant recruiting, discussion guides, research moderation, debriefs & reporting


The Result

We delivered insights which kicked off multiple internal redesign projects and resulted in immediate improvements to the existing site and bottom line.