Hippie Modernism Augmented Reality App

The Challenge

The perpetual mold-breaking team at GS&P came to us with a few sketches and a writeup for an augmented reality app that would allow people across the country to share “love balloons” with one another. It was all in the name of supporting a local Berkeley museum exhibition. The lofty Hippie Modernism app idea had to be fleshed out so it would work on native mobile devices and be easy enough for people to use augmented reality intuitively.


Our Approach

Working with creative teams is always fun and we began by sitting down and undestanding their vision for the app experience. We also delved into technical capabilities with interactive producers and their development partners. Armed with a clear design vision and understanding of what was feasible, we set out to create a groovy hippie experience.

We began by sketching out user flows that began before the app was even downloaded and ended after it was closed, at the museum exhibit itself. We wireframed and created interactive prototypes showing how augmented reality messages (love) could work as people shared it with one another across the globe. Tying in with the museum’s registration system, we also designed a coupon incentive that would allow users of the app to get discounted admission fees.

Deliverables: user flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes


The Result

Our prototypes let the entire team pre-visualize the experience. Development partners and visual designers understood the steps it would take to share some “love” with the app and developers understood exactly how they needed to build the app to support the experience. In the end, we delivered designs to support a nice local Berkeley exhibition with Bay Area created technology.