Hyundai Site Redesign

The Challenge

The clients had a web site that looked (and acted like it was) a decade old. Automotive shoppers dropped off at multiple points and JD Powers even said they had one of the worst web sites in the industry. The Hyundai team wanted a clean-slate, blue-sky redesign and we provided the UX design and research to support that.


Our Approach

First and foremost, we wanted to understand the auto purchasing process, context and mindst of our users. We began a discovery process where we conducted interviews, launched surveys and analyzed how difficult the automotive shopping process could be. We created personas encapsulating types of users based on their motivations and needs, audited the existing and competitive web sites and shared this foundation which grounded the entire design team.

We started design from the ground up. This meant a new information architecture that put every feature, specification and video in a place users could find and could stand the test of time as the site grew. We then put ourselves in the place of the shoppers and outlined all of the “flows” people would take whether they came from Facebook, Google or the local newspaper ad. The web site had to serve as a next generation hub for all US Hyundai shoppers and we designed content and features to that were tailored to the way people actually shopped – a definite departure from the typical automotive site.

When we started creating wireframes, we also ran prototypes through extensive usability testing which helped us refine and validate our design ideas. Each test brought us closer to completing this 6+ month design project that then went into visual design and development.

Deliverables: site audit, personas, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes


The Result

While we don’t always put stock in outside metrics (except from users), JD Powers re-ranked the website from the bottom to the top 5 in the industry. The biggest compliment was when the client informed us post-launch that they were still using the personas we created and updating the original sitemap. We feel satisfied with a job well done when our clients still reference our materials and share them with internal designers.