MetLife Workforce Web Site

The Challenge

“We’ve got to update the web site.” was the familiar ask we heard when approached for this design project for MetLife. We knew a new campaign was launching soon, along with fresh brand guidelines. But the most important part for us were the users – they needed to feel like the content was relevant, compelling enough to continue down the “lead generation” process.


Our Approach

We began by getting a deep understanding of the campaign strategy and lead generation processes from the MetLife client. By defining both the start and finish of the process, we were able to create an experience design tailored to bringing the user along each step of the way.

We created wireframes and responsive prototypes both for desktop and mobile platforms. Though they were low-fidelity, the wireframes embodied a content strategy that balanced a push for exploration and learning with the pull of converting people into leads.

Deliverables: sketches, sitemap, user flows, wireframes, prototypes


The Result

We delivered wireframes that allowed the client, strategy and creative teams to understand the experience strategy and designs well enough to start building the site. We are always happy when our work leads to more efficent processes and buy-in along the way.