Promontory Brands Collaboration Platform

The Challenge

Writing briefs can be hard. Remembering what was on them even harder. Teams and working groups go back-and-forth for days and weeks laboring over how to guide and inspire a new project team. Tech and brand startup, Promontory Brands, wanted to break the mold and change the briefing process altogether. They needed to create a software platform and they had some great ideas on what it needed to do.


Our Approach

We began by empathizing with the problem as we’ve experienced it many times in the agency world. We reviewed how the briefing process works at different agencies and how the leaders at Promontory Brands aimed to fix it.

Mapping out workflows, roles, and other facets of the briefing landscape, we began sketching designs and doing the customary ux-stickies-on-the-wall exercises to get at the heart and details of what we wanted to design together. A next generation collaboration platform that let users find a new way of not only creating documents together, but sharing creativity and inspiration that carried over through presentation meetings.

Once we gathered our notes from the collaboration sessions, we started wireframing designs. We started low fidelity and found our footing, gradually increasing the level of detail of this new collaboration platform. We designed features like profiles, document authoring, sharing, instant messaging, and presentation views. We created high fidelity interactive prototypes that let the team poke and prod at their ideas made real. The prototypes informed the development team needs and allowed the owners to “shop their idea around” to potential clients and investors.

Deliverables: sitemaps, user flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes (high fidelity)


The Result

The handful of prototypes allowed them to realistically tell the story of how users could collaborate, present and share their briefs in a brand new way. It also laid the design roadmap for developers and visual designers to bring it to life.