PsPrint Design Tool Redesign

The Challenge

PsPrint, an online printing company, faced declining sales (abandoned designs) and stiff competition from the likes of Moo and Vistaprint.  They came to us to reimagine their online design tool and to get a better understanding of their customer needs.


Our Approach

We began with an in-depth study into the existing design tool that lets users create business cards and other print collateral.  We learned that it had fallen behind the competition in terms of features and overall usability.  We used this competitive analysis to discuss with the client which features might apply to their customers and why.

Since PsPrint only had some marketing demographics to describe their customers, we developed personas based on 40+ interviews.  The personas described each groups design knowledge, ability, needs, and typical workflows.  The personas grounded our design discussions moving forward.

We created two alternate information architectures and flows for their new design tool.  We tested them against one another using a research activity known as card sorting and came out with a clear winner that drove not only the structure of the new tool, but the strategy as well.

We created multiple iterations of wireframes and prototypes illustrating different features of the tool ranging from picking templates, editing images and text and purchasing your final design.

Deliverables: user research (multiple activities), sitemaps, user flows, wireframes, prototypes


The Result

When PsPrint launched the new design, their sales increased 67%.  And that was only launching with three products.  The team continues to utilize the personas and structure of the tool as a base to vet new ideas and keep innovating.




The Result