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— If you do it right, design is discovery.
Creative Myths : From The Creative Conspiracy

I heard an HBR podcast this morning featuring Leigh Thompson, author of Creative Conspiracy: The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration.  This sample chapter about "Debunking myths about creativity" is pretty interesting and relevant to what we do.  Just thought I'd share these principles: Teams are more creative than individuals. If...

The Dream Scenario

You've got a nice inch high stack of research on your desk.  Next to it is a clearly articulated and vetted set of requirements, followed by a reasonable deliverable schedule.  At the opposite end of your desk, there's a red phone that you can pick...

— Yes to waterfall, agile, lean and the next new thing. You need to know process inside and out to be the best UX partner.
Two Week or Two Day Testing?

There are a lot of great things happening in the user research field.  There are tons of new tools that make getting into research easier (and cheaper) and new books take a contemporary approach that makes user research feel less like a laboratory activity and...

Notes From Games User Research Summit 2013

[caption id="attachment_388" align="alignnone" width="600"] Notes from Games User Research Summit 2013[/caption] The first time I attended the Game Developer Conference (2010?), I wanted to check out where game developer's minds were at.  By and large, the conference was about tech and technique.  Not so much about...

— In practice, there is no perfect.

— Take your ego out of the design. But, leave your heart.
Mapping My UX Bookshelf

I always get excited when I find out about a new UX book that's been released.  My girlfriend would probably replace "get excited" with "adopts a scarcity mentality" because before you know it, I've purchased it.  Now with Kindle and computers being my main reading...