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Our Work

Browse selected projects from our portfolio and see how we help companies innovate through design.

Designing a Collaboration Platform

We helped Promontory Brands craft their vision for a SaaS platform called Sky which fixes what is broken in the project briefing world and makes teams more successful.

AAA’s Do More Social Campaign

We helped AAA achieve success through their social media campaign, ensuring the experience was as intuitive and englightening for users as their marketing campaign objectives.

Hyundai Website Redesign

We helped take Hyundai from the a bottom-ranked website to a top performing resource for automotive shoppers.

Refining The Dropbox Experience

We helped the cloud-based file sharing company to better understand how customers perceived their service and what they could do to generate more leads from their website.

Allergan Project

We helped Allergan create an educational website for healthcare professionals to understand everything about their products including how to verify their authenticity and administer them to patients.

Refining Facebook Signal

We helped Facebook evaluate and refine the user experience for their content curation platform, Facebook Signal.

Making Sense of Medicare

We helped Blue Shield of California disentangle their digital ecosystem of Medicare web sites and clarify their health plan offerings through a single web site serving up dynamic content.

How Innovation Happens

Whether it is entering a new market, maintaining a competitive edge or regaining ground lost to your competitors, our collaborative and creative design process allows us to tap into new areas of innovation while remaining grounded in what works for you and your customers.

Let's Collaborate

Think we can break the status quo and make a difference together?  We’d love to hear from you.